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Hwb and E-Learning

Building the Future

Introduction to Hwb

Hwb, the National Digital Learning Platform, hosts a national collection of digital tools and resources to support learning and teaching in Wales. Hwb has been developed in line with the following key principles:

  • to support a national approach to planning and delivery

  • to enable the sharing of skills, methods and resources between teachers in Wales

  • to support teaching and learning in Welsh and English

  • to offer equal access to free, classroom focused tools and resources for all teachers and learners in Wales.

Just2easy (J2e)

Just2easy (J2e) is an award winning software toolset designed for education. In J2e you will find creativity tools, apps and games for Maths, English, Computing and cross curricular creative activities in a completely personalised learning experience.

How to Access

Navigate to and log in with your Hwb username and password.

(Google Classroom link can be found here)

Click on Just2easy.

Select the J2e application you wish to use.

Office 365

Office 365 is an integrated experience of cloud-based Microsoft tools which can be used on any browser-enabled device.

Office 365 is available to all school staff, local authority and regional education consortia Hwb users, governors, supply teachers and learners as part of the Hwb Additional Services.

How to Access

Log in to Hwb.

Click on the Office 365 tile.

Select the Office 365 application you wish to use.

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