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Corneli Primary Staff

Miss K Evans- Head of School

Mrs P McNally-Year 3-6 Teacher

Miss L Morgan-Year 4 Teacher

Mrs M Lewis-Year 6 Teacher

Mrs A McKay-Year 2 Teacher

Mrs D Harris-Year 1 Teacher

Mr R Humphreys-Year 6 Teacher

Mr N Sadd-Year 3 Teacher

Mrs S Roberts-Year 5 Teacher

Mrs L Purnell-Year 2 Teacher

Mrs R Thomas Nursery Teacher

School Clerk

Mrs L M Jones

Ms  A Cogbill



Miss L James 

Mrs N Jones 

Mrs P Phillips (Wellbeing) 

Mrs K Price  

Mrs S Protheroe 

Mrs D Rawlings 

Mrs T Tarr 

Mrs L Taylor 

Miss L Wilson 

Miss N Wilson 

Miss A Cogbill 

Miss V Sheen 

Miss C Jones 

Mrs J Blackman 


Site Manager

Mr. D. Phillips



Mrs L Nicholls 

Mrs P Phillips 

Mrs D Stanton 


Lunch Time Supervisors

Mrs K Whitehouse 

Mrs L Nicholls  

Ms C Beecham 

Ms S Seaton 

Mrs D Rawlings 

Mrs S Seaton 

Mrs T Tarr 

Mrs W Mundy (Relief) 

Staff: Text
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