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Corneli Primary Home Learning Packs

Home Learning Guidance

Home learning is going to be challenging. In class we ensure that all work is accurately matched to every child’s abilities. This is very difficult for staff at the moment. We will do what we can and we want to help. If you think there is more that we can do, or you just want some advice, your child can email their teacher using their Hwb account. We won’t be able to set individual work for each individual child, but we will do what we can.

The most important note is: do what you can. It is likely you are trying to work from home and look after yourselves and your families. Don’t try to force children to work and create additional stress and anxiety for yourselves or your children. We won’t be going through everything in tiny details and checking up on you. When we open school again, we will assess children and pick up at the correct place and push children as fast as we can to where they need to be.


Home Learning Packs 

Please work your way through the home learning pack which was sent home with your child pack.

Each pack includes:

Maths activities for the children to complete

Literacy with guidance on how to complete

Topic based activity.


  • Foundation Phase Pupils

Sumdog will have lots of fun games and activities for the pupils to enjoy

Teach your Monster to Read

HWB work in Yr 1 & 2

  • Key Stage 2

Tasks for the children can be found on the shared folder of their Hwb files and  Google Classroom-these include maths and literacy work.

Complete weekly maths assessments on Big Maths website

Sumdog will have lots of fun games and activities for the pupils to enjoy


Home Learning Packs

Home Learning Packs Planning Grid - Foundation Phase

Nursery & Reception
Year 1 & Year 2

Corneli Primary Home learning Packs

Files for Download

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